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Transcript Tool
The Transcript Tool lets you annotate segments of MP3 audio files synchronized with transcripts. You can attach notes to selected segments of transcript text or time segments.

The tool features a timeline that you can zoom in to mark detailed events or zoom out to annotate larger segments. Notes are represented by icons that are linked to highlighted segments of the transcript and timeline. You can adjust the boundaries of an annotation by selecting text or dragging handles on the timeline.

Transcript Tool Closeup

The tool allows each annotation to include a form used to record categorical information for analysis. A new form can be defined for each annotation document.

Like all Project Pad annotation tools, if several users are viewing the same document and one makes a change, everyone will see the change without re-loading the page. This can be used to let several students or a student and instructor work together online.

Transcripts and MP3 audio files of U.S. Supreme Court augments are in preparation. Some are already available.