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Using Project Pad
Project Pad is a project to build a web-based system for media annotation and collaboration for teaching and learning and scholarly applications. The system offers an easy to use "direct manipulation" user interface. Our goals are that Project Pad should:

a. Be web-based and support distance and distributed learning

b. Provide tools to let a user browse and work with audio, video, and images from digital repositories. The user should be able to organize and annotate media excerpts within their own online notebook, in effect making the media "theirs"

c. Make it easy for instructors and students to create thematic collections of digital objects and build web-based materials incorporating selected segments of audio, video, and images as well as their own notes and descriptions.

Stand Alone Project Pad

d. Let students and instructors select and annotate selected image features and time segments of audio or video. Our goal is to allow students to formulate a research question, find relevant media excerpts, and add annotations that describe how those clips help support an answer to their question.

e. Support the easy creation and editing of learning-object metadata in standard formats (including LOM) to be associated with digital media collections and web-based materials.

g. Support one-on-one synchronous interaction (at a distance) between an instructor and student or among a small group of students while the student is trying to solve a problem using web-based tools. The instructor should be able to view and respond to the student's work while it is in progress.

Project Pad software is available both as a set of Sakai tools and as a stand-alone web application.